Tax Manager

You’re on the Trajectory toward Partner

Do you find the work environment, culture, pace, and enjoyment of being around a tight knit team something you’ve only dreamed about? Does the idea of moving toward a partnership in a non-bureaucratic and highly entrepreneurial environment seem like something you might want to explore?

Our employees and clients give us constant feedback about our environment and culture. Here’s what they say:

“We really like that your employees stick around.  You do a good job at hiring the right people.  If we have something that requires a lot of historical knowledge – you guys are the ones we turn to.”

– Richard Kossler, Sr. Vice President at Trust Company of the West

“Although we are a very focused and disciplined firm, we also maintain an employee-friendly culture with a strong work/life balance. People working in this environment feel positive about their work and recognized for their success.”

– Daniel Henderson, Senior Tax Accountant at Richard Welling LLP

“I feel very fortunate to have worked for Richard Welling – I was able to not only learn and refine my technical skills, but was also able to develop a professional and ethical approach to our industry.”

– Jeff Kurpiel, Director of Tax at AllianceBernstein LP

Our success is based on repeat clients and referrals of satisfied clients. The Tax Manager in our organization plays a pivotal role in this strategic focus and success.

We’re seeking a top-notch Tax Manager who has a great sense of humor, a style that is collegial and who wants to lead. You’re probably a little tired of being viewed as just the tax expert – you’d like to put your knowledge and skills to practice in a leadership role.

We’ll help you become outstanding in Practice Development. We’ll refine your capability to hire, train, develop, and retain great talent. You’ll drive our continuing success as being recognized as one of the top tax resources in the real estate, investment, and high net-worth sectors.

In short, a fun and enjoyable culture, an appropriate pace that balances work/life issues, the chance to lead and excel as a driver behind the firm’s success, and clear path to a partnership level. What more could you ask for?

If you’ve got tax manager experience, either in the corporate or public accounting arena, and you’re a little frustrated that you’re not learning at the pace you desire, you’re not impacting the firm’s success at the level you’re capable, and finally, you’re not attaining the level of success you deserve in your career at this stage, you owe it to yourself to take a moment and learn a little more about the opportunity we have in our organization.