James Chung, CPA

Senior tax manager at Richard Welling & Co., LLP, one of the top boutique tax consulting firms in Southern California. Over fifteen years in managing the tax liabilities of clients in the private equity, investment management and real estate industries. Routinely works with client companies and individuals that have international and multi-state tax issues.

Excellent grasp of complex tax issues with the ability to apply them to the client’s benefit. James’ skill set includes: Corporate, partnership, and individual tax compliance and transactional tax consulting and planning in investment management and real estate.

Types of clients include:

• Two privately held investment management companies each with over $100 billion under management.

• Individuals whose net worth ranges from $5-$100 million with a variety of business interests.

• Various public and private companies headquartered in Los Angeles County.

• Family with privately held real estate and theater businesses organized in a consolidated group, multiple S-corporations and partnerships.

Projects representative of James’ expertise

• Tax planning: Researched and computed the tax benefit of client’s planned large charitable contribution over several tax periods and provided optimum timing and amount of charitable contribution to the client to maximize client’s tax benefits.

• Oversee production of client tax returns: Supervise firm personnel from a technical and compliance standpoint to manage timely completion and submission of tax returns.

• Representation of clients in cases of tax controversy: Representation of a client before the taxation authorities that resulted in elimination of potential assessments.

• Real estate investment company: Corrected depreciation computations used in fixed asset software conversion.

• Large automotive manufacturer: Oversa