Private Clients

  We plan ahead – so you can enjoy today.

Private_Clients_2017Whether you are a sophisticated investor or business person, or know less about taxes than a fifth grader we can help make your relationship with the IRS an uneventful one.  Our select private clients include business owners, executives, family offices, individuals, trusts and estates.  We gain a deep understanding of our clients, and work closely with their other professional advisors in order to recommend and implement relevant and sound solutions that will allow them to sleep at night while optimizing their after-tax income and wealth.

Above and beyond preparing annual tax returns, our professionals proactively provide year-round tax advice that is timely and relevant to achieving your goals.  Our select private clients generally have significant investments and real estate holdings, and benefit from our expertise and industry focus.

We never sell products, or accept commissions or finder’s fees – and strive to give all our clients the best independent and objective advice, tailored to their needs.  We only accept clients to whom we can confidently provide extraordinary value.

For a confidential, complimentary review of your tax situation please contact us today.